Collectors Club


Isle of Wight Studio Glass Priveliged Collectors Group

Glass made by Timothy Harris is not only a joy to own but has become highly collectable. If you enjoy studio glass and the art of glassmaking, and are possibly interested in starting your own collection it would be an advantage for you to join the Isle of Wight Studio Glass Collectors Group. Membership of the Collectors Group admits you to the circle of Isle of Wight Studio Glass enthusiasts, and entitles you to the following benefits:

  • 12.5% off all purchases – (except ‘special offers’, which may already exceed this).
  • Opportunities to meet with other glass enthusiasts and to develop a more personal relationship with the IoWSG staff.
  • Free postage and packaging on purchases for delivery within the UK.
  • Eligibility to attend Isle of Wight Studio Glass Studio Collectors days.
  • Early opportunity to purchase ‘one off’ or unique pieces.
  • Access to special commission pieces.
  • Regular informative newsletter.
  • Advance notice of special items in the newsletter before they are placed on the website.
  • Eligibility to purchase value items by interest-free instalments over any reasonable period.

Collectors Days

An enjoyable aspect of becoming a Collector is the opportunity to attend IoWSG Collectors Days. These are held at least once a year and are much appreciated by the attendees. The day’s activities usually consist of talks and glassmaking demonstrations, sometimes involving guest glassmakers from other studios.  However the highlight of the day is the unveiling of Timothy’s Day Piece, which is a limited-edition piece available to collectors only. Timothy then gives a demonstration of how the piece is made. At the studio we make a special effort to make sure that there is an exciting range of glass available for purchase at Collector’s discounted prices.


The first year of membership is free.

Our sister company, Artius Glass, has a Collectors Group, and after your period of free membership has expired we will offer you the option of either individual membership of one or other group or joint membership of both at a reduced fee. The fee for 2015 has not yet been set but is likely to be approximately £17.50 per annum.

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